• Board Committee
  • Management Committee
  • Executive Committee

    1. Dr. SOK Thim, Chairman 
    2. Md. Shafiqual Haque CHOUDHURY, Member
    3. Dr. CHIV Bunthy, Member  
    4. Mr. KING Kap Kalyan, Member    

    + Roles and Responsibilities
    • Taking care the remuneration and other benefit of staff, key management and all BoDs members;
    • Recommend procedure to select and replace BoDs members;
    • Approve the recruitment of all Directorial/ manager positions in the institution;
    • Provide strategies guidance to the overall operations of the institution including social activities;
    • Serve as a decision making body on behalf of the Board of Directors, when the Board is not in session;
    • Review and monitor the Institution’s policies and financial services and products and make appropriate recommendation to the Board for approval and/ or changes;
    • Help management for settling on emergency issues;
    • Assist top management for fund mobilization;
    • Approve and/or review annual budget or annual business plan as recommended and delegated by BoDs;
    • Review financial and operation performance of the institution against budget and business plan;
    • Report directly to the Board of Director. 

    Audit Committee

    1. Dr. SAM Sokhom, Chairman  
    2. Dr. SOK Thim, Member 
    3. Dr. CHIV Bunthy, Member 

    + Roles and Responsibilities
    • Ensuring the transparency, accuracy, and integrity of financial reports;
    • Assessing, reviewing and commenting on the accountant method and system of institution;
    • Review and recommend on internal control and internal audit and report any weakness to management for improvement and adjustment;
    • Advise the Board to appoint external auditor or rater and participate and monitor the external audit of the institution;
    • Review and advise the objective and effectiveness of the audit policies and procedure;
    • Supervise internal audit department manager who reports directly to the committee on audit matters;
    • Responsible for the recruitment and performance valuation of the Manager of Internal Audit of the institution;
    • Report directly to the Board of Director

    Risk Committee

    1. Mr. Roth Kumnith, Chairman 
    2. Md. Shafiqual Haque Choudhury, Member
    3. Mr. Julius Adrian R.Alip, Member

    4. Mr. Dirk Machgielis BROUWER, Member

    + Roles and Responsibilities
    • Ensuring the risk minimization of the institution;
    • Advise and direct the risk manager on defining all relevant risks of the institution and keep updating regularly;
    • Propose a proper policy, procedure and mechanism to protect and mitigate the risks;
    • Monitoring the risk mitigation system which implementing by key management;
    • Review and recommend on the risk reports;
    • Implement others tasks as may assign by BoDs which related to the risks of the institution,
    • Responsible for the recruitment and performance valuation of the manager of risk of the institution;
    • Report directly to the Board of Director.
  • Credit and Products Committee (CPC)

    1. Chief Operations Officer, Chairman 
    2. Finance and MIS Manager, Member 
    3. ICT Manager, Member
    4. Operations Manager, Member 
    5. Marketing and Product Development Manager, Member 

    + Roles and Responsibilities
    • Review Credit Policy, procedures, pricing, market and competition, credit risks, and compliance with regulations;
    • Review and analyze reports related with products and marketing research; and
    • Initiate and discuss new ideas on products development, etc.

    Remuneration Committee

    1. Chief Financial Officer, Chairman 
    2. Chief Operations Officer, Member 
    3. HR and Admin Manager, Member 
    4. Finance and MIS Manager, Member
    5. Related Dept. Manager, Member 
    + Roles and Responsibilities


    • Review HR policies and other laws and regulations related to remuneration for employees;
    • Review annual salaries and benefits for employees proposed by the management;
    • Review all proposals for staff promotion, rotation, and the succession plan;
    • Discuss the measurement for staff disciplinary actions including termination, demotion and transfer;
    • Review the recruitment plan by each quarter; and
    • Review and discuss the best strategy for staff capacity buildings, etc.


    ICT and MIS Committee

    1. Finance and MIS Manager, Chairman
    2. ICT Manager, Member 
    3. Operations Manager, Member 
    4. Marketing & Product Development Manager, Member   

    + Roles and Responsibilities
    • Review the current systems/ technologies to ensure the effectiveness of software support;
    • Review and discuss the effective procedures for security to the system including back up and disaster recovery plans;
    • Review and provide recommendation for significant hardware specification and ICT infrastructure;
    • Participate in reviewing and rectifying the software requirements from various departments to ensure standard report format and process;
    • Review all reports to ensure they are simplified and standardized; and
    • Review the effectiveness of implementing ICT policies and procedures and discuss on the updating proposal.

    Procurement Committee (PC)

    1. HR & Admin Manager, Chairman 
    2. ICT Manager, Member 
    3. Finance & MIS Manager, Member 
    4. Related Department, Member 

    + Roles and Responsibilities
    • Review the quotations and recommend the award of contract for any purchase of goods or services in accordance with procurement procedures discussed in Finance Policy;
    • Review the quotations based on the selection criteria discussed in the Finance Policy; and
    • Develop a Term of Reference (ToR) for any purchases of goods or services having technical complexity.


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