Client Protection

1. Appropriate Product Design   and Delivery
SAMIC designs and develops products and services based on customers’ needs and that do no harm. 
2. Prevention of Over-indebtedness                      
SAMIC provides loans to customers with appropriate capacity repayment analysis and customer historical verification through Credit Bureau of Cambodia before disbursing a loan. 
3. Transparency                                                            
SAMIC discloses to clients the complete, accurate and understandable information in Khmer language about the costs, product specifications, obligations and rights of the customers before they decide to accept our services. 
4. Responsible Pricing                                               
SAMIC offers product pricing with reference to market pricing base ensuring that there is no discriminatory pricing and does not charge excessive fees from customers. 
5. Fair and Respectful Treatment of Clients           
SAMIC is committed to respecting and treating both existing clients and potential clients through acceptable staff behaviors with excellent customer services to reflect SAMIC’s code of ethics. 
6. Privacy of Client Data                                              
SAMIC ensures all client data are private and secured by using an appropriate technology system. All client data will not be disclosed unless required by law or permitted by client. 
7. Mechanisms for Complaints Resolution              
SAMIC collects complaints and feedback from customers through standard of complaints resolution process. Phone call, e-mail, complaint box and customer survey will be conducted to collect data from customers to improve the products and services.



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