Client Testimonials

Mrs. AUM  Pov

With a smile on her face showing full of hope, Mrs. Aum Pov, a 52 years old lady, told our interviewer about her family’s life before and after borrowing from SAMIC.

Pov lives with her husband and her four children (two daughters and two sons) in Tomnub Rolok 3 village, Tomnub Rolok 1 commune, Preah Sihanouk province. She has borrowed from SAMIC for three cycles. The first loan of USD 1,500 was used for the purchase of two bulls; the second loan of USD 2,000 was used to buy ducks and pigs; and the third loan of USD 3,000 was used for a new small business – processing dry fish.

As her dry fish processing can make a lot of profits, her two daughters decided to stop working as garment workers and are fully involved in this new business. In the future, she and husband plan to buy a store in the Central Market of Preah Sihanouk City to sell the processed dry fish. When asked for comments, she expressed her thanks to SAMIC for being part of her success. ” 

Mr. DIT Sokhoun

As a hardworking middle-aged husband with other four members of the family, Sokhoun is a client who has said that he trusts SAMIC Microfinance because of the fast financial service that always responded to his need over time, thereby being the key to improving his on-farm business, mainly dry season rice. He lives in Kampong Koleu village, Kampong Ko commune, Kampong Svay District, Kampong Thom province.

He and his wife said that their family is presently relying more on rice farming activity, mainly dry season rice. His family occupies about 7 hectares for dry season rice and it seems small land size comparing to those are doing dry season rice, that is why he and his wife decided to apply loan from SAMIC with total amount of USD 4,000 to further buy 5 hectares of rice cultivation land. It is the second time he borrows loan from SAMIC, his first loan amount requested was USD 5,000.

He said “Through using the loans from SAMIC, the rice yields have been remarkably increased and our family has improved the living condition and generated much income from farming and able to purchase motorcycle for my children to use as transportation to study at high school. I have nine cows, two 2W hand-tractors and one pumping machine. In addition, I strongly expect to purchase more cultivation land in the near future”. ” 

Mrs. KHUT Rothida, 26 years old

Mrs. Khut lives in Tram Kak District, Ta Keo Province and has two little children. Her current business is selling groceries; and her husband is a teacher and part time motorbike broker. Rothida has borrowed from SAMIC for three cycles. In the first cycle, she borrowed only KHR 1,000,000 in order to purchase more groceries for resale. The loan proceeds from her second and third loan cycles were used to expand her groceries business.

She says, “With loans from SAMIC, my business has improved faster and I can earn more income. This income has allowed me to purchase some assets such as a motorcycle and rice field and to make my house improvement. I will apply for more loans from SAMIC after the current cycle to expand my current business or to create a new one.” 

Mrs. MAEN Saran, 35 years old

Mrs. Maen has three children and lives in Angkor Chey District, Kampot Province. She is a farmer and mainly engaged in rice plantation, animal husbandry, and vegetable growing.

Mrs. Maen said that she initially didn’t want to borrow from FMIs even though she had a small business and earned little income. After receiving a clear explanation from SAMIC staff who launched a promotion campaign in her village, she and her family decided to borrow KHR 2,000,000 from SAMIC for the purchase of seeds and fertilizer and farm preparation. As her first loan cycle has improved her earnings from – her vegetable farm, she has decided to borrow from SAMIC for the second and third cycles for purchasing some assets such as cows, cow cart and for home improvement.

She says “Now I have four cows. Our living conditions are much better. I can send all my children to school and will send them to college in the future. I’d like to say thanks a lot to SAMIC that has provided financial services to my family”.

Mrs. CHIB Nat, 46 years old

Mrs. Chib is a farmer in Tuol Khpuos Village, Prophnom Commune, Angkor Chey District, Kampot Province. She has five family members. In addition to rice farming, she raises pigs to earn extra income to support her family.

She said that her living conditions before she borrowed from Samic was poor; and that after she borrowed from Samic for many loan cycles, she could increase her income from rice farming, pig raising and other extra income generating activities. She has used the proceeds from her borrowing to purchase some assets to support both her business activities and her family consumption; and these include cows, motorbike, rice miller, walking tractor and other household equipment.

She says “All of my children have attended school. I will send them to study in the university. I would like to say thanks to SAMIC that has made people’ living conditions better through provision of financial services.

Mrs. CHHUM Samon, 45 years old

Mrs. Chhum is a farmer and lives in Banteay Meas district, Kampot Province, with four family members. In addition to rice farming, she tries to generate extra income by planting seasonal fruit and vegetable. With loans from SAMIC, her family’s living conditions have improved significantly and she has sent her two children to college.

She says, “My farming activities grow bigger than before; and I have more income. I have purchased some assets such as cows, walking tractor and some household equipment.” She also adds, “I’d like to thank SAMIC for providing loans to me and this has made my family living conditions much better. I will apply for a new loan for the next cycle.” 


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