Vision Mission & Core Values

Vision, Mission and Core Values

  • To be the best financial institution loved by its stakeholders
  • To exceed our customers’ expectations by providing a wide range of financial products/ services with competitive prices through the development of our personnel.
Core Value:
  • Our relationships with our stakeholders (our people, clients, communities, regulators and shareholders) are what differentiates NH Finance (Cambodia) from our competitors. These relationships are built on six core values which serve as fundamental beliefs that we can turn to when making decisions.
    • Humility: (Make us stronger)
      As we never know everything, we are continuously learning, sharing and widening our field of experience at every opportunity. When we see a half-full basket, we, at NH Finance, call it a half-empty basket because we know that this can only serve as a catalyst to making it full.
    • Creativity:(Make us a pioneer)
      Creativity is one of our most prized assets. We believe that creativity should be relevant to the needs of NH Finance and of our clients to be effective.
    • Responsibility: (Make us a respected person)
      We all share responsibility for our company as a whole and for its results. We have social and environmental responsibility and we carefully protect the positive image of our company.
    • Dependability: (We are what we do, not what we say we’ll do)
      Dependability is honoring our words and fulfilling our promises. Our people, clients and communities deserve our respect and expert abilities. When our job, big or small, is completed, our goal is to be remembered as a dependable colleague or partner that always delivers what we promise.
    • Honesty: (Make us proud)
      Honesty means straightforward in personal and business dealings.  Dealing with cash    every day honesty is essential.
    • Services to People: (Make us great)
      Our greatness is not what we have but what we give.

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